The story behind this global crisis

It is no longer a secret that the crisis has affected the entire planet in a major way. From one day to the next, the population saw its activities slow down drastically and an abstract silence settled quietly in cities, streets and parks. Is this a nightmare? Believe us, we ask ourselves this every day, but the desire to take action and help Canadians is stronger than ever.

When we saw the lack of medical clothing and supplies, we decided to make a 180-degree turn in our operations. Our desire to help the company get through this crisis prompted us to intervene by directly modifying the activities of one of our main production lines. The Beauce Jeans plant, where Yoga Jeans are manufactured, is one of the largest and most extensive plants in the Country. Thanks to its infrastructures and the expertise of its employees, the plant has been able to provide clothing for patients and healthcare professionals in less than a week!

This initiative is designed to give an immediate hand to the health care system, which is facing a crisis unprecedented in Quebec's history. "Thanks to our team and the tremendous dynamic offered by the people of the Beauce, we want to show that we are more than ever ready to do our part to overcome the current situation. This is a time for solidarity, and we were unable to stand by helplessly in the midst of all that we are going through right now. The fact that we have quickly reworked our business model allows us to make products here at home to help health care workers" Eric and Jacob Wazana, brothers and leaders of Yoga Jeans.

It's all the more reason to be proud to promote local production and, at the same time, to encourage the retention of Quebec's workforce. "Our mother was a seamstress, so it's important for us to keep such jobs in the province," the Wazana brothers point out.

In addition to protecting know-how and quality jobs in the region, the new vocation of the Beauce Jeans plant will make it possible to quickly supply hospitals, clinics and other establishments with clothing and articles made at home, while respecting all the instructions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Work Protocol and Enhanced Hygiene Measures.

It is our duty and of paramount importance to ensure the safety of our employees. With a surface area of 52,000 square feet, Beauce Jeans is the largest jeans manufacturing plant in Canada. As part of the new operations, all current health regulations will be strictly adhered to: working distance between employees, frequent hand washing, as well as daily sanitation of the plant and common areas.

A few words about the Wazana brothers 

Since their beginnings in 2000, the founders of Second Clothing and the YOGA JEANS brand have passed on their values of social responsibility to their teams. They have always been concerned about offering their customers quality products made in Quebec. The importance of teamwork and solidarity will become essential values during this difficult period. Éric is also President of Apparel Quebec, an association that supports the fashion industry through various initiatives that contribute to the industry's outreach to various stakeholders such as the media, government and citizens.

The fight against the virus is more than ever a collective struggle.

Let's all stand together.