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Limited Edition

This bag is made with 100% upcycled denim.

By using this bag, you are supporting a cleaner, more sustainable planet.

The "upcycled" capsule collections at Yoga Jeans are one of the creative solutions that have been put in place to reduce waste. This tote bag was produced by using pieces of fabric that have been left over from production and upcycled in order to support our creative solutions for positive change.

The lettering on the bag is written using laser technology, a sustainable method that helps reduce the use of chemicals, natural resources and energy used in our washing processes.

Please note* The image shown is for reference only. The color of the bag you receive will be unique as the denim used in making it is upcycled, this results in each bag varying slightly in shade of blue. This is the beauty of supporting steps towards a more eco-friendly planet.

Yoga Jeans Cares

Made in Canada

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